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Don't be like a boss, BECOME THE BOSS

I never imagined I would be a business leader, would inspire and influence other people both within and outside the real estate industry or would be the breadwinner in my household. Often hearing I was beautiful and some man would scoop me up off my feet, I thought I would be the follower to someone else as the leader. Well, when prince charming wasn't showing up by my mid-twenties, I realized I needed to make this life work for me.

We often think that the key to our success or failure is external, exists outside of ourselves in other people or is due to factors outside of our control, but that couldn't be further from the truth. "All you need is within you" is one of my favorite quotes and a Blair original. ;) When I realized that I had everything I needed to succeed within me, when that clicked, that's when I embraced my inner entrepreneur and rose to success.

Being genuine and true to myself has been a running theme in my life, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been a struggle at times to accept, love and be true to something as unique as me. Occasionally, like most people, I cared more about what others thought than being aware of and true to myself.

As a boss I've questioned whether "leading with my heart," was the right business model. Putting other people first and leading with my heart has led to me being used and taken advantage of sometimes, but as I questioned my leadership choices along the way I didn't feel I could change that which was at the core of who I am and how I lead my business.

Realizing that I got to the place I am by being sharp and capable, I also realized that I shouldn't doubt myself. I have always known the right way for me even if I did need a little course correction here and there. Listening to others, remaining open to their perspective, yet also understanding that as the boss I make the ultimate decision and it will be the right one for me and the overall business is an important milestone you reach in the path to entrepreneurship. This goes back to the process of reflecting, learning and growing as we go through life. I won't always succeed, but from my failures I will learn how to turn those experiences into wins in the future.

When I was first licensed as a 22 year old, I had no concept of what was involved with owning and operating  a real estate business much less working as an agent. I associated with a large, conservative family owned local brokerage which, I felt, was "the brand" I needed behind me at the time. The managing broker was a 60 some year old woman that had very clear ideas of what it takes to be successful in real estate... and as a young and dumb 22 year old I didn't meet many of them. ;) She told me to lead a more closeted life and not be so openly true to myself because it would hurt me in the business. Her acceptable wardrobe was a business suit every day, she told me to change my hair to a more conservative style and there were strict rules about tattoos and piercings... I don't have any of those so at least I was in the clear when to came to those two conditions! ;)

This reminded me of another defining moment of my life in a freshman year of high school counseling session with the principal. The meeting had been set up by my guidance counselor who sat with us as the principal told me to change nearly everything about the way I looked, mannerisms, the way I talked and walked. Everything. The thought occurred to me that this was a problem that originated outside of me, so why would I internalize their problem with me and make it mine? On the contrary, I should rise to the occasion of wearing all of me openly, truly and proudly. If anyone should change, it should be the others who had a problem with me by becoming more open to and understanding of others.

Leaving that first real estate company after a short time and deciding to fully embrace all of me reminded me of that high school freshman year counseling session. I decided to be me. Then and always. In fact, I built my entire business brand around everything that made me unique that these other people told me to change. Looking back 11 years, I wouldn't change a thing. ;)

When I truly owned ALL of me and put it out there as my brand, many people respected and appreciated my truth, the strength it takes to live one's truth and it helped my business. I made the best business and personal decision for me. I knew what was right and didn't listen to others.

That is when I became THE BOSS.

By the way, my highest annual gross commissions at that first company was 63k. Not a bad living, but what separates average from extraordinary is defined by the choice I made. It's not easy, but every one of us can do it. Once I embraced all of me, became empowered through that process, I became a millionaire by the time I was 28 and a multi millionaire by the time I was 30 PLUS I was (and am) living my truth and there's nothing more beautiful, fulfilling or rewarding than that.

Live your truth. Love all of you. Become empowered by realizing all you need to succeed is within you, as you are, right now. Love, B :)


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