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Naturally Beating Nature's Imperfections

How old do you think I am? 24? 25? 26? Ah, you flatter me! Well, I’ll allow you to continue to live under that delusion. ;) But if you’re anything like me (and if you’re reading this blog you probably are) you’ve looked in the mirror, pulled back your skin and wished longingly for the days your skin defined gravity and was smooth as silk. We all know, if you’re at all familiar with me, that I will be the first to volunteer as the guinea pig for any new type of treatment or product. I’m like the kid in elementary school (although this would be the school for anti-aging) that when the teacher asked for volunteers I responded with the constant refrain: “Pick me, me, me!” ;) I’ll do just about anything to look my best, but the fear of ending up looking like an alien (or one of those “Botched” cases you see on the TV show by the same name) keep me from running to the plastic surgeon. So what are the options?
The best way to combat nature, is sometimes with nature.  It is inexpensive, convenient and easy to incorporate in our daily lives.  Instead of purchasing expensive creams, try a few DIY remedies first.  All are safe (please note if you have allergies), a bit messy, but certainly effective.  If nothing else has worked, going au naturale is sometimes the answer.  Here are a few ways to improve your complexion without breaking the bank:
Honey contains vitamins and minerals essential for cell growth.  It is known for its great moisturizing qualities and highly recommended for dry lips.  Please note, if you are allergic to bee/bee pollen read the ingredients list before applying these products.
Jojoba Oil
         This product is used extensively for cuts, scrapes, sunburns and dried skin.  It is an excellent alternative for people with skin sensitivities.
Lymphatic Face Massage
         Lymphatic face massage rids the skins of toxins that cause disorders including puffiness around the eyes.  It also stimulates circulation improving sinus drainage and potentially reduces headaches.
Green Tea
         Green tea is excellent to both drink and seek out in beauty products.  It is high in antioxidants, reduces inflammation in the body and eliminates free radicals.  Free radicals are unstable molecules missing an electron.  They generally “steal” from healthy molecules therefore depriving your body of the nourishment it needs.
Aloe Vera
         A widely used ingredient in many products, aloe vera is used for anti-inflammatory properties, scar reduction and to soothe burns.  Consider getting an aloe vera plant, cut off one of the “leaves”, break open the plant and place the serum directly on your scars and burns.  This natural approach is highly effective and of course is without additives or scents.
         Lavender is great for fighting acne.  It balances oil production on the skin and soothes inflammation.
Olive Oil
         Dab a little olive oil on a cotton ball to effectively remove make-up.  Some make-up removers contain alcohol-based chemicals that can dry out the skin around your eyes.  In fact, olive oil does the opposite by adding moisture to the eyes and smoothing out wrinkles.
Avocado Mask
         This is one of the oldest tricks in the books and a common sight in movies just for its comedic look.  Avocados are rich in vitamin A, D and E, all excellent for your skin.  A common recipe: ½ mashed avocado, 1 tsp of lemon juice.  You can add 1tbsp of honey, 1tbsp of olive oil or orange juice for added properties.
Coffee Grounds
         An excellent natural exfoliate is coffee grounds.  A simple recipe to try: 3 tbsp coffee grounds, 1tbsp natural oil of your choice (olive, grapeseed, coconut) and 1 tbsp sugar (brown or white).  Rub gently and remove carefully with a soft cloth.
         The magic remedies above only work if you take care of your basic health needs.  Drink water (or in my case sweet tea), exercise regularly, reduce stress in your life, use sun block (SPF 30 or more) and invest in wisely chosen skin care and make up without added oils or scents.  If you continue to have extreme skin difficulties including cystic acne or psoriasis, consult your doctor for the proper medical treatments necessary. Dermatologists can work wonders! ;)
As always… love much, laugh often, fight off those smile and laugh lines with my beauty advice and look fabulous while doing it all! :) Love, Blair
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