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Your Cheat Sheet To Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements

According to many sources, Americans spend more than 1.5 billion on dietary supplements and vitamins. Globally the supplement industry is estimated to be a 68 billion dollar business. Blair is one of the many consumers that takes vitamins, minerals, and supplements for overall health and wellness benefits.  With all the choices, brands, and conflicting advice out there, choosing the right vitamin, mineral, or supplement for you can be tricky.
Blair Myers
Perhaps this cheat sheet will come in handy for finding the vitamins, minerals, and supplements that will help you :) Keep in mind that you should always consult your physician before beginning any diet, exercise or supplement regimen.
What’s recommended for your body daily:
Complete multivitamin and mineral supplement with whole foods (see below for whole foods) and herbs  to make sure all your health bases are covered
Vitamin C to help protect cell membranes from toxic wastes
Vitamin E and Selenium to protect cells and tissues from damage
Calcium to keep your bones and teeth strong
Magnesium to calm you and help you de-stress
Ginkgo (if you’re over 45) to protect your eyes, ears, and memory
Milk thistle (if you regularly consume alcohol or pharmaceutical drugs like aspirin) to benefit the health of your liver
Siberian ginseng if you are under stress or are active and want to increase endurance
Hawthorn to protect your heart and cardiovascular system
Saw Palmetto (if you’re a man and over 50) to protect the health of your prostate gland. Some people believe that Saw Palmetto along with Zinc and Biotin can help retain head hair as well.
Phytoestrogens (for women) from red clover, soy, or kudzu root to protect your bones and heart and ensure an easy menopause
Food sources of common supplements:
Even though many people like Blair take extra vitamins and minerals to supplement their diet, you can receive the necessary nutrients for your body by consuming a diet rich in the following foods.
Yogurt, broccoli, leafy greens, sesame seeds
Folic acid
Brown rice, leafy greens, salmon, whole grains
Leafy greens, nuts, seeds, raisins, liver, beef
Grains, legumes, vegetables, nuts, seeds, seafood
Fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds
Yeast, wheat germ, rice, and other whole grains
Oysters, meat, eggs, whole grains, pumpkin seeds
Vitamin A and beta-carotene
Yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, egg yolk
Vitamin B
Whole grains, vegetables, nutritional yeast
Vitamin C
Citrus, bell peppers, tomatoes, strawberries
Vitamin E
Vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, whole grains, dark green leafy vegetables
Using nutritional supplements to cure common ailments:
Some people believe vitamins and minerals can not only cure colds, pains, and illness, but can also promote a healthy brain and body.
Arthritis pain
Multivitamin, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, glucosamine, ginger, turmeric
Back pain
Vitamin C, glucosamine, calcium, magnesium, St. John’s wort, ginger
Zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A, echinacea, yarrow, peppermint, elder
Vitamin C, psyllium seed, cascara sagrada, flaxseed
Multivitamin and mineral supplement, folic acid, Siberian ginseng, ginseng root, licorice root, vitamin B-12
Hay fever
Vitamin C, quercitin, nettles, eyebright, reishi
Melatonin, magnesium, 5-HTP, valerian, kava, California poppy
Poor memory
Vitamin B-12, lecithin, folic acid, ginkgo
Chromium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B-6
Calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, boron, red clover, nettles, horsetail
Acidophilus, black walnut, garlic, multivitamin and mineral supplement, grapefruit seed extract, artemesia (mugwort)
Premenstrual syndrome
Calcium, magnesium, vitex, motherwort, evening primrose oil, dandelion
Sore throat
Zinc, vitamin C, echinacea, sage
Sprains and strains
Vitamin C, glucosamine, magnesium, St. John’s wort oil
B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, Siberian ginseng, California poppy
Natural Substitutes for Medication
If you are someone that shies away from taking medications, a natural remedy may be the answer. Natural remedies should be taken with warning, although they can be beneficial, some people may have reactions. You should always consult a doctor before taking any natural remedies or beginning any supplemental regimen.
Allergy medication
Quercitin, vitamin C, nettle
Vitamin C, echinacea, goldenseal, bropilus
St. John’s wort, vitamin B-6, 5-HTP, tyrosine
Anxiety reliever
B-vitamin complex, calcium, magnesium, kava, California poppy
Arthritis relief
Glucosamine, Chondroitin sulfate, turmeric, ginger, evening primrose oil, omega-3 fatty acids
High cholesterol
Niacin, vitamin C, garlic, shiitake, fenugreek
Daytime cold medication
Vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc lozenges, echinacea, elder
Acidophilus, gentian root, artichoke leaf digestive enzymes
Sleep aid
Melatonin, magnesium, 5-HTP, valerian, California poppy
As always... love much, laugh often, eat delicious, nutritious and filling food and look fabulous while doing it all!
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